Fire Cavity Barrier Systems

How They Work

Fire Cavity Barrier Systems — or fire protection solutions protect the passage of fire and smoke between cavities such as in blockwork, cladding, curtain walling and above ceilings. 

Also underneath raised access flooring and in roof spaces.

AL Fire Systems is a FIRAS certified company qualified and competent in the installation of Fire Cavity Barrier Systems.

Fire Cavity Barrier Systems is a flexible mattress which is non-combustible and has been manufactured to hinder the spread of fire and smoke within roof voids, suspended ceilings and in concealed space.

Fire Cavity Barrier

Cavity Fire Barriers are designed in detail to prevent the passage of smoke and flames and to insulate the cold face of the barrier from increasing temperature expected in a fire situation.

Rockwool fire barrier solutions provide insulation periods from 15 minutes up to 120 minutes. Therefore adjoining areas are protected from fire combustion by Rockwools essential performance limiting heat transfer through the barrier.

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