Fire Compartmentation

Fire Compartmentation is the division of the building into discrete fire zones. Fire Compartmentation is probably the most effective means of limiting fire damage.

Fire Compartmentation is designed to contain the fire to within the area of starting point of the fire. The compartmentation approach provides at least some protection for the rest of the building and its occupants even if other fire prevention systems are installed and fail.

Fire Compartmentation delays the spread of fire before the fire brigade arrives on sceen.

In the event of a fire starting within a building with fire compartmentation installed, the amount of damage would depend upon the layout of the buildings fire compartmentation. Almost every building has its own natural fire compartmention lines with and fire compartmentation plan from A L Fire Systems,your homes own compatmentation design could give up upward of 30 minutes protection against a fully developed fire. Fire compartmentation should be an important part of any fire damage limitation strategy.

Ideally, your halls and landings would be separated from staircases to help prevent a fire from travelling vertically up the stairwell to all floors. However the creation of new lobbies or Compartments can have a devastating impact on the character of a fine historic interior, and is often unacceptable. There also need to be practical limitations on the number of compartmentation lines because an over-compartmented building can become restrictive in its daily use.

To be effective, fire compartmentation does need to be planned and implemented properly. That's where A L Fire Systems Fully Qualified engineers can help.

When you decide on a fire compartmentation strategy it is important that you know were all the voids that exist within the building.

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